How to cheat on exams

10 Tips on How to Cheat on the Exams As a rule, the students with a lucid mind dont cheat.

But, most probably, well hardly find one who has never broken some academic rules. Cheating policy does not work while the number of students attracted to outright plagiarism is growing dramatically. You can call it whatever: the result of technological progress, the consequence of free access to numerous materials or merely the effect of laziness. Even egg heads cant resist cheating. Its impossible to know everything. But is it a good excuse?

Another interesting issue is that some students are caught with their pants down for one single cheating. Vice versa, those weasels who regularly cheat tend to come out with clean hands. If you are tired of being in the first group, the next ten tips might move you to the second. Watch out: dont plunge into academic cheating too much! Need a couple of good reasons for that? Well, first of all, by relying heavily upon someone else, you’ll never achieve success. Second, just take a look at these naked facts:

During the past fifty years, the number of academic frauds increased almost twice.
The above-average college-bound students are involved into the process as well. As a result, fewer experts graduate.
73% of all graduate students passing an exam admit they look into their cheat sheet at least three times per hour. In contrast, 86% high school students agreed on that point.

Its senseless to cheat at admission exam as far as your lies will show up in the first few educational months.
The problem is a bit more relevant for state public entities (41% officials here consider cheating as a serious problem). 35% of private institutions worry about this trouble.

Academic endeavors of students have consequences, especially when they put wrong words into the mouth of others.
In comparison, only 20-25% of the students experienced cheating back in 40s.
80% of the top junior high school students tried academic misgiving.
Cheating at the graduate level may cause cheating at professional level. For instance, resume fraud.
After all, its just a flocking instinct.

Why is it worth cheating?

On the other hand, there are a lot of arguments in favor of this phenomenon. Half of them are unethical, but who cares?
To begin with, the taste of glory raises persons overall confidence and performance. In our case, an A grade gives strength to a particular student. He gets inspired and manages to study better. The pressure for high grades sharply increase students knowledge and activity level.

It might be curious to know that Math and Science are the top subjects which require some extra help. Humanitarian sciences are more creative. Thus, they need a personal approach, so the cheating rate is lower.
Penalties for plagiarism are not severe enough, experts believe. Caught once, a student wont receive a failing grade automatically. Otherwise, he will have to rewrite a specific assignment or pass another test.
Cheating means GPA increase. GPA increase means a profitable end in terms of future career. Are there any questions left?

Useful Tips

Take the best of both worlds. Use both printed and Internet sources to succeed. Download as many term papers and exams samples related to your subject as possible. Visit only proved educational websites for these purposes Course Hero, Study Mose, Essay DataBase.
Obviously, you wont be able to hide a plenty of material. Find out what is common for all the collected pieces. Are there any points repeated in each? Write them down. Highlight only facts and statistics. Double check all raw data. Its a pity to cheat for a failing grade.

Its important not to burn your fingers twice! In case you were laid bare once, dont give up. It only means youve picked the wrong strategy. If your sleeves caught an eye of the teacher, use your legs as the manual next time. Besides, it all depends on the teacher.

Copying someones homework is just another form of academic misgiving. 9/10 of the respondents are attracted to it. This is less risky. The only advice which can be given here is to avoid straightforward rewriting. Its better to completely paraphrase the work of your mate and change the paragraphs order. To make your paper look more original, add own thoughts regarding the assigned topic.

Each instructor needs an individual approach. While one is a clumsy paying no mind even to explicit in-class negotiations, another can notice the smallest paper passed under the desk. Be aware of the second type! However, teachers of the first type can go off the handle one day too and punish you far more severely. So, after analyzing the behavior of a particular instructor, try to decide on the way you will cheat on his exams. You can write hints on your hands, separate tiny pieces of papers, ask your neighbor, or look up the screen. Note that most of the teachers do not allow any electronic devices.

Keep silent in case you are not sure about a specific question. Dont set up your mates: you wont be able to count on their support anymore. In addition, people tend to retaliate. Dont make enemies, tell only those things you are sure about.
The Extra Wrigley Manoeuvre covers all tactics that involve the help of random things. You may be left without an electronic device, but no one has the right to take your favorite gum or “KitKat” candy from you. Their wrappers can be used as an inventive clue.

The “Banksy approach is about WC regular visits. Pretend you are sick. Make your instructor believe you experience difficulties with your bladder due to the mornings watermelon. At last, after reaching the final destination, memorize the notes you, hopefully, scribbled … on the back of the toilet door, toilet paper or even flank! Its up to your imagination.

Develop a so-called Morse code” clear only for your classmates. It can be coughing, knocking, yawning whatever. Note that this method is useful for the multiple-choice part.
Strike a pose like you know everything. Dont waste a minute sitting at a loss. Pretend youre writing something down all of the time. It will look less suspicious than a weak student with the ants in his pants suddenly start dashing off a novel. Such behavior increases the chances of being captured. Keep calm and confident. Personal attitude is the crux of the matter.
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